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Having vocal problems and don't know what to do? Beth Lawrence has been working with singers, speakers and performers for over 30 years and understands the importance of having a healthy voice.

And when your voice isn't responding well; you can't control it; or you have chronic vocal issues, it's nice to know that a knowledgeable expert can help you determine your important next steps. Beth will give you positive feedback that will put your mind at ease about what may be causing your vocal problems or concerns. You'll also take away a suggested plan of action for you to follow.

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Beth Lawrence
Beth Lawrence

Beth Lawrence is the CEO of All About Voice, a company dedicated to private coaching, workshops in the performing arts, songwriting, Pageant coaching, and vocal rehabilitation. She is the author of “From Shower to Stage...7 Easy Steps for Singing Like a Pro!", based on the Lawrence Vocal System which teaches a holistic approach to voice coaching and therapy honoring the connection of body, mind and spirit.

As a teenager, growing up in sunny, seaside Santa Barbara, California, Beth decided to be a singer when she heard Dionne Warwick sing 'Anyone Who Had A Heart’, and remembers thinking, “If someone can make me feel so much with their voice, then I want to be able to do that, too!”. Beth's love of singing and songwriting has led her around the world, sharing the transformative power of music.

Beth has written, recorded and produced numerous CD’s, among them, When The Sky Is Red, which was awarded “Best Vocal Album of the Year!” by L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine. She has won the American Song Festival’s International Vocal Competition, and the Billboard Magazine Latin Song Award. Her lullaby CD, Land of Sleepytime was awarded the National Association of Parenting Publications Gold Award.

Beth believes in the transformative power of music, as her own life was changed with the help of Giuseppe Balestrieri, the vocal mentor who saved her voice and career. Learn more: allaboutvoice.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What online format does Beth use for consultations?
Beth uses Zoom.us. It's really easy. All you need is a camera and microphone on your device, and adequate internet access to be able to stream a conversation (usually 3 mbps upload speed minimum). Once a booking is paid for, you'll be contacted by email with available time slots for you to choose from. Then you'll get a link that you will use to access your online consultation.
How long is the consultation?
This initial, affordable consultation will last 15 minutes. Beth will ask for information on your situation before your meeting, so that you will get her full time in assessing your voice, and suggesting solutions.
What will I come away with at the end of the consultation?
Beth wants you to solve your vocal issues, and endeavors to give you a positive, solution based initial consultation. She will listen to your voice, do some vocal exercises to assess your range and problem areas, and even listen to you sing. Very quickly she will be able to determine whether you have a physiological problem; have developed bad habits from trying to compensate for vocal injury or poor singing habits; or just need to retrain your voice. Please understand that Beth Lawrence is not an ENT and will base her assessment solely on her knowledge and experience working with singers and speakers. Having had vocal problems herself, then discovering Bel Canto singing that saved her own damaged voice, Beth has helped many, many singers rehabilitate, renew, and retrain both damaged voices and voices that need rejunvenation.

If you're concerned about your vocal health, or just want to know if the Lawrence Vocal System based in Bel Canto is right for you, then a short, but effective 15 minute consultation is for you.

You'll leave your consult with all your questions answered, plus solid suggestions for vocal protocols; natural remedies; and a suggested plan of action.

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